SUPER DAD – Photo exhibiton and promotion of new publication “Daddy, you’re here”

28 Tetor, 2016 Kinemaja, Rajonale dhe Ndërkombtare

Center E8 has organized a 2-in-1 SUPER DAD event on 28th October in Belgrade – opening of the photographic exhibition on the theme of active, engaged, gender equal, non-violent and responsible fatherhood, as well as promotion of the new publication on the theme of fatherhood “Dad, you’re here” by the author Tamara Skrozza.

The authors of the photographs are: Branko Birač, Tijana Manić, Jelena Žigić, Ana Stojakov, Slavka Nikolić, Jelena Stevanović, Branislava Gigović Grubić, Bojana Sapun and Natalija Biščić. The exhibition can be viewed until 7th November in the Cultural institution “Parobrod”. This group of young people were combined Center E8 crew together with photography students who previously participated in workshops organized by Center E8 on gender equality and care. Afterwards, they all had a task to identify Super dads in their surroundings – fathers who fit the description related to the campaign themes, and to capture the right moments from their everyday lives and activities with children. Beside Belgrade, photos are from five other places in Serbia, including two villages, and also even one from Setubal in Portugal.

Guests of the event were addressed by Branko Birač from Center E8 and journalist Tamara Skrozza, author of the publication. They spoke about how these ideas came and how the whole process went regarding photo assignment and research and writing. This new publication “Daddy, you’re here” is a qualitative review of fatherhood in Serbia, based on responses from 22 participants-fathers, together with 7 respondents who are representatives of organizations and institutions. Narrative about parenthood must also include the fathers, many of whom are involved and active in the lives of their children and families. Also about their problems and challenges they face, about opportunities for greater involvement in what was once, almost exclusively, considered as “female” jobs and responsibilities. How do they play with their children and how they take care of them? How do they show their emotions? What were their fathers like when they were growing up and how are they now compared with their fathers? What do they think about parental leave for fathers? What are they like and who are actually “Super Dads”? These are some of the questions and issues that are addressed in interviews, on this event and in this publication. Center E8 will continue to promote “Daddy, you’re here” on various future events and online, and will distribute it to relevant institutions and organizations.

“Super Dad” campaign activities are implemented in Serbia by Center E8 and supported by UNFPA in Serbia and CARE International Balkans.

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