Conference MenCare

4 Nëntor, 2012 Rajonale dhe Ndërkombtare

From 4th until the 7th of Novembre StatusM is in cooperation with organizations Promundo, UNFPA and Care International organizing the MenCare conference.

The conference is a strategic meeting participated by over 40 different NGOs and institutions. MenCare is a campaign that aims to promote the type of masculinity where men are caregiving. The campaign is gender transformative focused on men who care about children.

The meeting will present the experiences and opportunities for cooperation in the future. Status: M will hold the position of the coordinator of the campaign in Croatia. From Croatia CESI (Centre for Education, Counselling and Research) is also participating in the conference.

After this meeting, we will include in our activities young fathers and work with men to promote concern and behaviour (masculinity), which include the care of children.

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