Career counseling for BMC Members in Tirana

February 5, 2023 News

In January Center Act for Society organized a career counseling session with the youth of the Be a Man Club. The session was conducted by career counseling expert Frencis Karagjozi who gave a general overview of branches of studies and universities and then analyzed each member. This activity was implemented within the Young Men Initiative […]

YMI piloting at Universities in Kosovo

February 3, 2023 News

Today SIT – Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research took a leap forward by visiting UBT- University of Business and Technology. The aim of the visit was to introduce the “Future 4 Youth” project to students in the Psychology Department. SIT will start piloting Program Y, a life skills program that promotes gender equality […]

CARE Austria visited Prishtina

February 2, 2023 News

Last week SIT and YMCA organized a meeting with representatives from Care Austria, where they discussed the “Future 4 Youth” project. Additionally, they discussed the specific programs they use to foster gender-transformative life skills education to become an integral part of education which are being implemented in schools, universities, and correctional institutions. As part of […]

YMI Team and CARE Austria meeting with teachers from ‘28 Nëntori’ School in Prishtina

February 1, 2023 News, YMI News

Last week Young Men Initiative team together with colleagues from CARE Austria visited ‘28 Nëntori’ to meet the teachers who have been trained on program Y. During the meeting we had a chance to discuss with the teachers the tools they have learned in the training to promote healthy lifestyles, challenge toxic masculinity, reduce violence […]

Gathering of Be a Man Clubs in Sarajevo

February 1, 2023 News

Another nice gathering of our Be a Men Clubs. Last week members of Be a Man Gračanica and Be a Man Club Mostarthey visited Sarajevo and hung out with the members of Be a Man Club Sarajevo In addition to having fun, they also used the time to plan future activities and create very interesting […]

Gymnasium “Sveti Sava” in Belgrade became School of Excellence

February 1, 2023 News

21.1.2023 “Sveti Sava” Gymnasium in Belgrade was declared a School of Excellence. They earned this title because of their outstanding work in the implementation of a scientifically based violence prevention and youth health promotion program. We congratulate all employees and students of the school on this success. #YMI#careinternational#CARE#programY#austriandevelopmentagency#oakfoundation

Sweedish journalist team visited YMI

February 1, 2023 News

Last week we had a meeting in IPD offices with a journalist team from Sweeden that express interest in the YMI project and want to write a story about us. Several members of Be a Man Club Sarajevo shared their stories and experiences on their involvement in the project. Photograph Martina Holmberg and journalist Maria […]

Opening of Youth Centar in Gračanica

January 26, 2023 News, YMI News

On January 17, 2023, a new Youth Center was officially opened in Gračanica. This state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with everything needed for optimal functioning and is open to anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the local community through their activism. The Youth Center will also serve as a meeting and activity […]

CARE International Balkans condemns rise of violence across Western Balkans

January 17, 2023 News

CARE International Balkans condemns rise of violence across Western Balkans

Perceptions of young men’s lives and their relationships with the community (research)

January 12, 2023 News

From the 13th to the 16th of December Center for Research and Policy Making conducted research on „the perceptions of young men’s lives and their relationships with the community”. 👥 Through focus groups with young men from Skopje and Gostivar they discussed and heard their opinions on various topics, such as the dimensions of masculinity […]

Pretend Much? Campaign

December 19, 2022 News

During 16 days of activism, YMI did an online campaign „Pretend Much?“. We wanted to focus on all the negative things that happened around us, that people just started to ignore because of how often they occurred. Society is so used to it so much, that those behaviors are normalized and not taken as seriously […]

Seminar “Penology and Civil Society” in Banjaluka

December 13, 2022 News

In the period from the 7th to the 9th of December 2022, the Perpetuum Mobile Institute organized a three-day seminar, entitled “Penology and Civil Society” with members of the Association of Penologists of the Banja Luka Region, who work in the professional treatment service of the Banja Luka Penitentiary. During the seminar, the Young Men […]

The Last Tunnel Activity in Kosovo*

December 5, 2022 News

Within the 16 days of activism, SIT- Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research is organizing the activity “The Last Tunnel” remembering femicide (the killing of a woman or girl, in particular by a man and on account of her gender) victims from after the war period in Kosovo. Yesterday, for the fourth time, we […]

Job Announcement

December 5, 2022 News

CARE International Balkans is an equal opportunity employer and is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of Project Manager (Maternity cover) for its “Future for You(th): Young people as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans” project. CARE International Balkans has a zero-tolerance approach to any harm or any fraudulent practice or […]

Program Y towards institutionalization

November 18, 2022 News, YMI News

SIT – Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research in cooperation with YMCA in Kosovo and CARE International Balkans organized the third meeting with the working group (key stakeholders) of Kosovo for the Institutionalization of Program Y. Key topics that SIT presented to MESTI – Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Municipal Directorate of […]

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