CARE Celebrates 30 Years of Work in the Balkans

February 5, 2024 News, YMI News

CARE International Balkans has marked 30th anniversary of its work in the region. Partners, staff and allies from all regions where CARE carries out its missions gathered in Sarajevo to celebrate this jubilee together.

The guests attended the regional conference Future for Youth, and on the same day in the evening, they had the opportunity to reconvene to watch the fantastic “Muškarčine / Macho Men”, the play that was produced as part of CARE and partner’s project activities and since has become the most performed play of the Reflektor Theater from Belgrade. This is the legacy of CARE’s work and, thus, organized as part of the anniversary celebration.

The audience was addressed by Karl-Otto Zentel, Director of CARE Germany and Sumka Bučan, CARE Balkan’s Director. Both speakers highlighted that this gathering was the moment to remind ourselves of what CARE’s mission is and what achievements it has accomplished in the Balkans, but also a time to remind ourselves of lifesaving work CARE performs all around the world and celebrate CARE colleagues who are at this time responding to the emergencies caused by wars, natural disasters and climate change.

When CARE started working in the Balkans 30 years ago, the world looked very different from today. Since the end of the wars in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the region has gone through unprecedented political, economic, social and cultural changes. Throughout history, progress in the Balkans has been closely linked to the idea that all people have rights: universal rights to freedom, dignity and security, to be treated equally and to live without oppression.

CARE puts gender equality at the heart of all its efforts. CARE in the Balkans recognized quite early the need to address the issue of women’s empowerment and gender equality in patriarchal societies deeply shaken by wars and militarization. Equally, the social, economic and political fulfillment of human rights is at the very core of CARE’s mandate in the Balkans.

Teambuilding activities continued the next day in sunny Herzegovina, where they also visited Mostar and Blagaj, exploring the rich cultural heritage and beauty of this area.

CARE International Balkans will continue to work steadfastly to build a better future for all people in the Balkans, striving to realize the vision of a society based on the principles of justice, equality and solidarity.

To support CARE’s work in the Balkans, please visit: CARE Balkan – CARE

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