Be a Man Clubs

Be a Man clubs are established as clubs of high school students who are engaged in a creative way in the design and implementation of the YMI campaigns and represent its most significant part. Members of the Club are active participants and promotors of the YMI program in the way that they are those who develop and organize campaign activities in their schools and encourage other young people to get involved in promoting their values.  

They are allowed to build themselves and encourage others to be better, by providing a safe zone for young people, where there is no judgment, challenged opinion, and where dialogue and self-critical thinking are encouraged. In addition, they participate in motivational activities such as movie evenings, theatre, concerts, sports games, traveling and meeting other young people and sharing experiences with them through various types of youth camps and camps for youth leaders. 

It was initially designed for young men with problematic behaviors who will trough different activities and workshops learn how to channel their energy into positive practices and became good examples for their peers, as well as promoters of healthy lifestyles and non-violent behaviors. “Be a Man” (youth) clubs today are much more developed and are welcoming every young person who is interesting in becoming a member, but our plan is to try and reconnect with our primary target groups and focus our energy on them. 

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