Presentation of Impact Study Research

March 23, 2023 News

On March 16, 2023, YMI and CARE organized an event in Sarajevo to present the results of a study on the impact of an educational program aimed at preventing gender-based violence and promoting healthy lifestyles. The event began with opening words from guest speakers after which chief researcher and dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, […]

International Womens Day in Mostar

March 12, 2023 News

Be a Man Club Mostar celebrated International Women’s Day with partner high schools in Mostar. Youngsters of partner high schools had an opportunity to write how they would contribute to gender equality and women’s rights. Besides these posters, they had a chance to read and learn about the biggest achievements made by women through the […]

International Womens Day

March 10, 2023 News

For International Womens Day CARE and YMI team marched and protested across the Balkans. We united with others like-minded to raise our voice against inequality, violence against women, and femicide The fight for women’s rights isn’t a one-day event. It’s a lifelong commitment to justice, equality, and respect. It’s about challenging the status quo, pushing […]

Zero Discrimination Day

March 3, 2023 News

On the occasion of Zero Discrimination Day, SIT Center held an event that brought together a diverse group of youngsters to watch the captivating movie “The Green Book”. After the screening, they opened up the floor for an interactive and engaging discussion where attendees shared their personal experiences with discrimination. The event was a beautiful […]

ACT for Society and Youth Crime Prevention Center signed MoU

February 25, 2023 News

ACT for SOCIETY Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and under the coordination of the Juvenile and Youth Crime Prevention Center, has signed an MoU to establish cooperation for rehabilitating minors in society after serving their sentence. As part of the Future4Youth project, ACT for SOCIETY will implement the Y+ manual, which focuses […]

Capacity builing with Correctional Centar in Kosovo*

February 25, 2023 News

Within the framework of the Y+ program, SIT Center hosted a session on capacity building with representatives of the Correctional Center. They had the chance to inform them more about SIT and specifically the Future for Youth project during this workshop. Additionally, they provided an overview of the program’s methodology, as well as a review of the […]

Training for peer educators in North Macedonia

February 25, 2023 News

This week, the training for peer educators was held within the project “Building healthy lifestyle habits of boys in Gostivar and Gjorce Petrov”, which was developed in cooperation with CARE International Balkans and with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in North Macedonia Representatives from the partner organizations Youth Can and Organized Youth […]

CARE Österreich meet with members of BMC Sarajevo

February 21, 2023 News

Today, as part of their visit to Sarajevo, representatives of CARE Österreich had a meeting with members of Be a Man Club Sarajevo in IPD-s offices. Young people had a chance to share their experiences in their involvement in the project as well as their opinions on the education system, peer violence, and many other […]

Trainings for Teachers in Tirana

February 13, 2023 News

During the month of January , Act for Society Center implemented the trainings of Sinan Tafaj high school teachers for two modules: 1️⃣”The Importance of Education for Gender Equality” 2️⃣”Positive Communication for Tolerant Solutions of Problems”. The trainings were conducted by the qualified trainer Irida Sina. This activity was implemented within the Young Men Initiative […]


February 10, 2023 News

During the winter break, members of Budi Muško Club Tuzla organized a three-day program called “Winter Break”. The program combined fun and learning and was directed towards the club’s goals, which are strengthening healthy communication, developing healthy cultural awareness and supporting sustainable lifestyles. Participants had the opportunity to attend various workshops such as “HIV in […]

Y+ training for working with youth at risk

February 9, 2023 News

Yesterday in Tuzla, training for advanced educators for the implementation of the Y+ program began. Through a three-day training team from Status M will educate the best educators from Tuzla, Sarajevo, Banjaluka, Gračanica and Belgrade, how to work with youth at risk with the aim of preventing violence, improving emotional regulation and developing critical thinking […]

Career counseling for BMC Members in Tirana

February 5, 2023 News

In January Center Act for Society organized a career counseling session with the youth of the Be a Man Club. The session was conducted by career counseling expert Frencis Karagjozi who gave a general overview of branches of studies and universities and then analyzed each member. This activity was implemented within the Young Men Initiative […]

YMI piloting at Universities in Kosovo

February 3, 2023 News

Today SIT – Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research took a leap forward by visiting UBT- University of Business and Technology. The aim of the visit was to introduce the “Future 4 Youth” project to students in the Psychology Department. SIT will start piloting Program Y, a life skills program that promotes gender equality […]

CARE Austria visited Prishtina

February 2, 2023 News

Last week SIT and YMCA organized a meeting with representatives from Care Austria, where they discussed the “Future 4 Youth” project. Additionally, they discussed the specific programs they use to foster gender-transformative life skills education to become an integral part of education which are being implemented in schools, universities, and correctional institutions. As part of […]

YMI Team and CARE Austria meeting with teachers from ‘28 Nëntori’ School in Prishtina

February 1, 2023 News, YMI News

Last week Young Men Initiative team together with colleagues from CARE Austria visited ‘28 Nëntori’ to meet the teachers who have been trained on program Y. During the meeting we had a chance to discuss with the teachers the tools they have learned in the training to promote healthy lifestyles, challenge toxic masculinity, reduce violence […]

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