Graffiti against violence

4 Shtator, 2018 Lajmet e YMI-të, Rajonale dhe Ndërkombtare

At the beginning of the new school year 2018/19, graffiti with the inscription “React as human, against violence” dawned on the wall of the Catering, Trade and Tourism High School in Banja Luka.

The graffiti was painted by the members of the “Be a Man Club” Banja Luka, in cooperation with the Catering, Trade and Tourism High School. With this campaign, the young people from Banja Luka once again, in a creative way, pointed out the problem of peer violence, but also violence in general, and sent their message to all high school students to react to violence and prevent it from happening.

The activity was implemented within the project “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes” and the project “Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and Addressing the Issue of Extremism and Youth Violence in the Western Balkans” conducted by the Perpetuum Mobile Institute in Banja Luka. The projects are supported by the Swiss Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Austrian Development Agency and the OAK Foundation and implemented with the support of CARE International Balkans.

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