The award ”Real man”

17 Dhjetor, 2016 Lajmet e YMI-të

Renato Grbić, fisherman, lifeguard and owner of the restaurant “Renata and Goca’s Tavern” who has rescued 29 people under the Pančevo bridge during 20 years, is the winner of this year’s award “Real Man”, which was officially presented by Zoran Kesić, last year’s laureate.

– I was glad when I took this title last year, but I am particularly delighted now to find myself in the company of such a man. We have a man in the city who gives people a second chance, and it really deserves the “Real Man” award – said Zoran Kesić and recited a poem in honor of Renato.

“When I had enough of all, when I decide to put an end to all, I’ll jump close to him, to rescue me from drowning.” Zoran Kesić

Instead of Renato, who is currently fishing in Mexico, his son received the award, and Renato addressed the audience via video message.

– I would like to thank Centre E8 which presented this award to me, I would also like to thank the previous winners who voted for me, thank you all, and I hope that I will justify the trust that was given to me – said Renato from Mexico.

The award ”Real man” was established in 2012 with the idea that winners are role models of behavior and positive examples of masculinity for young men and boys. The men, as fathers, friends, decision makers, leaders, play an important role in combating violence and through their engagement in society they should become positive idols for young people.

The award is given to an individual who advocates the affirmation of human rights principles, gender equality, tolerance, humanity and non-violence through his work.

The winners so far have been: Marko Somborac – author and cartoonist in the newspaper “Blic” and Saša Janković – Ombudsman of the Republic of Serbia, Marko Šelić Marčelo – musician and writer, and Zoran Kesić – journalist, anchorman and TV author. The jury consists of previous winners of the award.

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