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9 Dhjetor, 2016 Rajonale dhe Ndërkombtare

As part of the project ‘Be a man, be tolerant’ educators from Youth Organization Status:M have been conducting workshops at the Machinery and Technical School Faust Vrančić in Zagreb for the last three months.

The themes of the workshops have been taken from the Croatian version of Program M: Young Men’s Manual (Priručnik M in Croatian), a training manual for educators and youth workers, published by CARE International. The handbook is an essential part of Young Men Initiative, a program whose main goal is to raise awareness and act against issues such as gender inequality, harmful habits and violence among young men. The discussions that take place during the workshops encourage young men to ponder about the issues such as gender inequality, violence, drug abuse and to come up with possible solutions regarding the issues.

During the workshops, the young men decided to establish a Be a man club which would continue to meet on a weekly basis and conduct the workshops in order to expand their knowledge and to further raise awareness about the abovementioned problems that the youth encounters basically every day.

Furthermore, the participants of the workshops have participated in the campaign React as Human, held in the same school, whose goal was to raise the awareness about the importance of responding to violence among their peers. The set of activities was held on the December 9th for the International Human Rights Day and also as part of the 16 days of activism. The activities included drawing a new graffiti, remaking an old graffiti and educating other students on the issues of gender inequality, harmful habits and violence.

The project ‘Be a man, be tolerant’ is supported by the City of Zagreb and CARE International Balkans.

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