Theatre play “Violence is (not) a private matter!”

16 Nëntor, 2016 Rajonale dhe Ndërkombtare

CARE partner organization Youth Educational Club Synergy’s Theatre Play Group called ‘Be a Man Club Kosovska Mitrovica’ (BMK K.M.) performed its ninth theatre play in a full Mitrovacki dvor cinema room in North Kosovska Mitrovica, on the 16th of November 2016.

Synergy’s new theatre play, ‘Violence is (not) a private matter!’ was attended by around 200 young people, parents, and representatives of secondary schools in our city, including psychologists, teachers, pedagogues, etc. Nine actors and actresses partook in this event and amazed all the attendees with their performance. Also, this activity was reported by local media, TV Most, Kontakt plus radio, and

Synergy’s newest theatre play dealt with several topics, such as domestic and gender-based violence, but also the labelling our youth NGO has gone through in the period since its founding, four years ago.

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