The Play “I Am …” Delighted Students From Bjelovar

19 Dhjetor, 2012 Lajmet e YMI-të

BMK drama group performed a play “I am …” for students of the Vocational High School in Bjelovar at the Cultural Centre Trešnjevka.

In Zagreb the play was seen by more than 200 students, and here are statements of our “Be a Man Club” members from Bjelovar about the play.

Josip reflected on the problems that the play emphasized:

“The play is very educational. It says that not everything can be solved by alcohol and that you should not lie to your friends.”

Hrvoje referred to the scene of fighting:

“Fighting is not solution for everything. I liked Kruno most of all characters because he made a great conclusion at the end and acted prudently.”

Ivan followed up on Hrvoje:

“Nothing can be achieved through violence. I liked Ivo most of all characters, because he explains the term tough guy in the best way, and he has the same problems as the rest.”

Reactions of the audience were excellent, long applause rang the hall, and after the play we wished students from Bjelovar to have a great time in Zagreb.

This educational play was created in cooperation of the Art Organization “Točka na i”, and the Youth Organization Status:M. In a fun and educational way this play shows the life of high school students and the problems they face. Alcohol, violence and peer pressure are part of everyday life of adolescents, and these topics are addresses in the play.

Nela Kreš, Kristijan Ćubela, Dino Koren, Mateo Žuna and Andreja Črljenec appear in the play.

The play was directed by Iva Srnec in collaboration with playwright Ivan Gudelj. Iva Srnec is a drama teacher and director and one of the founders of “Točka na i”, the art organization that deals with the preparation and performance of theater plays, and educational drama seminars and workshops.

The premiere of this play was in Zagreb on 07 November. Last Friday, the play was performed in Gospić, and today again in Zagreb for students from Bjelovar.

Looking forward to the new performances!

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