Premiere Of The Play “Machomen” Held

1 Dhjetor, 2012 Lajmet e YMI-të

On Friday, 30 November in “Bitef Theatre” the premiere of the theater play “Machomen” was held, theatrical documentary about masculinity here and today.

  • Concept, direction and dramaturgy:
    Milena Bogavac and Vojislav Arsić
  • Co-authors and performers:
    Alek Surtov, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Jovan Zdravković, Marko Panajotović, Nemanja Puvača, Nikola Pavlović and Uroš Novović

The basic theme of the play ” Machomen ” is how masculinity is treated or formed in our culture. The society expects young men to prove their manhood by showing strength, determination, courage, grit and bravery, which often leads them to destruction and self-destruction. Upbringing in a culture in which showing emotions by men is regarded as a sign of weakness, young men suppress their emotions and transform them into destructive forms behaviors.

Seven young men. Seven world views and thousands of situations that they see in that world. Their task on the stage is not to be someone else, but to show how they see themselves and also all other people around them.

The play is a part of the Center E8 campaign “A real man” that lasts from 19 November to 10 December 2012. The play ” Machomen ” is realized within the project “Young men as allies in preventing violence and conflict in the Western Balkans” implemented by Center E8 and CARE NW Balkans, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.

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