Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) qualitative study

September 26, 2017 Regional and International

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) qualitative study was implemented in Presevo Reception Centre with 14 young male migrants (14-19 years old) in the period September 19-24th 2017. The purpose of the study was exploring social constructs of gender and masculinities; young migrants’ attitudes about gender equality, attitudes and experience using power; attitudes and experience around violence and other harmful behaviours. The PLA was conducted by Center E8` trainers and Young Men Initiative project researcher Srdjan Dusanic. The PLA results will become the basis for the development of a methodology for Work with Youth in Crises Manual which will be developed and tested with young migrants in Presevo within Welcome Initiative for Migrant Youth project implemented by NEXUS from Vranje and CARE International.

Besides educational, the project includes a lot of non-formal activities for youth in Presevo Reception Centre which will enable their activism and empowerment.

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