Y+ event in Banja Luka “Discovering new potentials in work with young people at risk.”

November 28, 2023 News, YMI News

CARE International Balkans together with its partners, Status M from Zagreb, E8 Center from Belgrade and Perpetuum Mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development from Banja Luka, organized a regional expert meeting called “Discovering new potentials in work with young people at risk.” This event took place on November 23, 2023 and provided all interested experts with a comprehensive insight into innovations and perspectives in working with youth at risk in the Western Balkans.

The gathering brought together representatives of institutions and experts from various fields dealing with youth, violence prevention and youth radicalization, in order to jointly explore new and effective approaches in working with youth at risk.

One of the examples of innovative educational methodologies developed and implemented in the region is the (Y)outh+ Program, which focuses on transforming the lives of youth at risk, including out-of-school youth, children without parental care and young offenders. The challenges that these young people face are not individual problems, but issues that concern the whole society.

This meeting brought together representatives from various sectors, including institutions, civil society organizations, and all those who contribute to creating a better future for young people in their work. Through panel discussions, exchange of effective methodological practices and expert analysis, participants exchanged ideas to improve the physical and mental health of young people and contribute to their general well-being.

The activity is implemented within the scope of the project “Future for Youth: Youth as Leaders for Life Skills Education in the Balkans” supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation, CARE Germany, and implemented by CARE International in cooperation with the network of civil society organizations in the Western Balkans region. This program aims to combat interpersonal and gender-based violence, promote gender equality and address key issues related to extremism and violence among young people

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