Forum Theatre in Kosovska Mitrovica As A Part of Mental Health Campaign

May 5, 2020 News

The Forum Theater is the part of the “Are You OK?” campaign supported by CARE Balkans.

This kind of theater is a great opportunity to include audience to actively participate and express opinions and attitudes. Campaign “Are You OK?” represents a very important matter in societies. Mental health is the topic which should be discussed and included in activities of governmental or non-governmental organizations. So, Youth Educational Club Synergy decided to organize a role play referred to the topic of mental health. 

 BMK Theater Group Kosovska Mitrovica performed the 12th play “Demented” in the premises of Civic Energy Center (CEC), on 5th of March.  What characterizes this play is a forum theater where the actors had conversation with audience about the sense of rejection and stigma existing in society regarding people who have certain mental issues. The cast consisting of Angelina Spasic, Nevena Petronijevic and Branislav Stankovic, convincingly presented the problems faced by people suffering from certain mental issues – bipolar disorder, emotional breakdown and hypochondria. The audience could laugh for a moment, but the general impression was that it was still silent on mental health. 

The family, consisting of three members, shows the real problem in front of the society. Father, mother and daughter have a need to express their feelings towards this topic and to discuss about mental health. Be hidden and silent is not their solution. This family wants to confront with the world. So, representatives of this family show that bipolar disorder, emotional breakdown and hypochondria is not a shame. To have a mental illness is not a problem. The real problem is to be silent about that. There must be need for discussing about these issues and to find ways to solve it. The message of this Forum Theater is importance of question “Are You OK?” and invitation on accepting of people with mental illness and trying to help them. This kind of theater teaches us that stigma can destroys Demented

The activity is implemented by OEC Synergy within the framework of the Young Men Initiative II – The Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Western Balkans project, supported by CARE International Balkans, Austrian Developing Cooperation and Oak Foundation.

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