The Macho Men theatre play turns eight this year

April 12, 2020 News

The Macho Men theatre play turns eight this year: eight years-long transformation for eight men and thousands of spectators

A unique theatre documentary about the masculinity and manhood, created within the framework of Young Men Initiative, is entering the eighth year of its performance. The show was performed in thirteen states, won 4 prizes, participated in 16 festival. It has visited more than 50 cities and thousands of spectators had a chance to reflect on their own behavior patterns together with amazing cast consisted of 8 young men.

Macho Men is an authentic theatrical and educational process which is constantly tackling rigid gender norms, oppression, expectations and violence. Eights stories about eight different masculinities have become a dynamic and vivid eight-years-long story that anyone can relate to. The energy and enthusiasm of the actors and audience, along with the importance of the issues addressed, make this performance forever young. The Macho Men crew nurtures a gentle but educational relationship with its audience, which is considered an important part of the process. Thanks to their strong and reflecting relationship, as well as the show’s “no men or boy left behind” subtle message, the Macho Men remains one of the most popular and most loved shows of the Center E8.

During the time of the crisis, we have created a show to “Macho Men: where are they and what are they doing” in order to remind the audience that its favorite macho men are present, always ready to make them smile and question.

The whole show can be watched on YouTube channel of Reflektor theatre.

The play “Macho men” was created in 2012 within the project “Young Men as Allies in Preventing Violence and Conflict in the Western Balkans” which was implemented by the Centre E8 and CARE, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.

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