Be a Man Club also implemented in the municipality of Podujeva

February 19, 2020 Regional and International, YMI News

The “Be a Man Club” has now expanded and established its own group in Podujeva municipality.

Over the past week, the boys and girls of “Be a Man Club” in Podujeva developed some of the topics of the “Y +” program.

“Power and Relationship” was one of the topics that these young men and young women discussed. They also developed some interpretation scenes on it. They were divided into groups and quickly created performances scenes on the power and relationship in cases within the family, society, work, and school.

Issues such as gender discrimination, violence, the use of power, controlling emotions, managing situations, and many other social topics were discussed in these short performances scenes.

In the family scene, these boys and girls highlighted the gender differences that exist within the family, which often make the differences between girls and boys easy to notice, even in the freedom of movement, expression, property and decision-making. The use of power was also discussed in the student-teacher relationship, along with managing situations and controlling emotions.

Youngsters also discussed the violation of the rights of workers by managers in the workplace as a result of their authority and the use of power. They reported different cases they heard from relatives about different situations they experienced, which are still a topic of discussion.

The workshop ended with new ideas from these extremely enthusiastic boys and girls! We have all agreed that human rights, gender equality, non-discrimination, prejudice, violence and the prevention of negative phenomena in society need activism and engagement. We decided to meet more often and discuss different issues that concern our community, therefore a lot of work and dedication to social causes awaits us!

Together with these Club members, we are working on the “Y+” program development, which aims to prevent radicalism and violent extremism. For months now, we have been piloting this project in the municipality of Podujeva and now we are still holding workshops and meetings with the boys and girls of “Isa Boletini” High School, meetings with public institutions representatives, teachers, police, social workers, and prosecutor of the court from the same municipality.

The more social engagement, the closer we are to gender equality and social justice!

This activity is part of the project “Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and Preventing Violence and Extremism among Youth in the Balkans” implemented by CARE International Balkans in partnership with SIT – Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research and YMCA in Kosovo supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and Oak Foundation.

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