Regional and International Delhi Declaration and Call to Action

We live in a world of profound inequalities and unbalanced power relations, where rigid norms and values about how people should behave fuel and exacerbate injustices.

Regional and International Angelina Jolie applauded Saša Ostojić, Perpetuum Mobile activist

Angelina Jolie, Hollywood star and special UN ambassador, hostess of the event, looked on as Saša Ostojić, representative of Banja Luka NGO Perpetuum Mobile spoke at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, held last night in London.

YMI News On Father’s Day, What It Really Means To Be A Man

Navigating adolescence is a challenging period in all cultures. It’s a time when young people begin to find their identity, develop their values and confront the problems of the world around them on a personal level.

Regional and International Working with young people is a necessary investment in the future of the whole society

Implemented over 700 activities in 30 cities across the region, and the program has included over 14 000 young people.

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