BiH partners met again in Sarajevo!

October 4, 2022 YMI News

On 29. September 2022 CARE team gathered with partners from Banja Luka (Perpetuum mobile), Sarajevo (IPD), and Mostar (Youth Power) in our office in Sarajevo. 

We discussed some important topics such as integration of Program Y at university l where partners presented their accomplishment and shared their experiences and future plans. YMI team for over a decade works on the idea that educational systems of BiH embrace and professionally apply new standards for youth development and life skills education,among which Program Y showed great results.

Second subject matter was creation of joint campaign for 16 Days of Activism and general discussion about increasing the visibility of social media platforms. Many ideas were collected but the most prominent one is creation of different content (podcasts, documentary, reels, etc.) with BMC alumni members. 

Another focus of the meeting was newely established Future 4 Youth regional movement that aims to bring diverse voices of civil society, informal citizens groups, parents, teachers and other stakeholders around the same goal – to address and advocate for violence prevention, gender equality, life skills and health education in schools across the Balkans. The movement represents everything that is done on the project, and every positive change and established task groups (youth, educators, parents, civil society) in local communities. 

Overall, this meeting was successful and productive where great collaboration is expected to be continued in the upcomming regional Belgrade meeting from 11.10 till 14.10.

The activity was realized within the project Young Men Initiative III (YMI) – “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles and Decrease Interpersonal Violence among Youth in BiH by Challenging Gender Stereotypes III” and the project “Future for Yo(th): Young People as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans”, supported by the @swissembassysarajevo, Oak Foundation, @austriandev and @carebalkans.

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