“Chat Room” – a new format of the BMC Sarajevo’s show in response to the crisis

June 22, 2020 News

“Chat Room” is the name of the show in the form of an interview, which airs live every Friday from 7pm on the Instagram profile of the Association XY’s Be a Man Club and Real Girls Sarajevo (@budimuskoklub).

The host of the show is the Youth Coordinator of the Association XY, Amer Džekman, who, through relaxed conversation with his guests, enables young people to be informed but also educated about current topics.

Among the first guests of the “Chat Room” were student, activist and amateur actor Đorđe Mirković, Communications Associate of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Red Cross Amina Kurtagić and later the Secretary General of the Federal Youth Council Jasmina Banjalučkić. “Chat Room” as an online space was created from the idea of young people, members of the Be a Man Club Sarajevo at an online meeting in the desire to create something different and more fun. In addition to a large number of Zoom meetings, workshops and other online platforms during COVID-19, the youth of the Association XY and BMC wanted to have something like podcast and/or online show. The first announcement was made at that meeting, the guest was recognized and on Friday at 7 pm BMC Sarajevo was “online”. A whole series of such steps speaks about the amount of creativity of BMC Sarajevo members and their determination to provide young people also with entertainment and educational content.

According to the Youth Coordinator of the Association XY, Amer Džekman, “Chat Room” is primarily fun and he believes that young people should get to know each other through online platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, given that social networks are very popular among them.

“We are filling our free time, which is quite a lot now, in a fun and useful way. Through the ‘Chat Room’ we learn some new things, hear useful tips and experiences. The important thing is that young activists are involved in this project, and that is an indicator that our country does not lack the potential and active young people who are an inspiration to their peers. We wanted to motivate young people to recognize activism as a factor that will enable them to develop life skills and raise the level of knowledge. In a specific situation – COVID19, members of the Be a Man Club Sarajevo made an effort to use social networks in the best possible way and thus provide information to as many young people as possible. What we are left with is a huge knowledge in BMC Sarajevo about the use of social networks, we used this situation to learn and look for the best way to place information. Social networks are the future for new generations and should not be taken lightly, but used as the best tool in promoting activism, life values and healthy lifestyles”, said Džekman.

The activity is implemented within the project Young Men Initiative II: “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes II”, supported by the Swiss Government, Oak Foundation, Austrian Development Agency and CARE International Balkans Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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