Talks and actions on mental health from BMC Mostar

May 20, 2020 News

On April 16th 2020 Be a Man Club members from Mostar had an online session about mental health, with Dijana Ivanišević, professor of psychology from Džemal Bijedić University.

Young people got to talk with psychologist about staying positive and keeping mental health, about the current situation, and what this means to young people, what we can do, and how we can spend our time in a good, positive way. 

As a follow up of the online session, BMC Mostar member engaged with Dijana and graphical designer to create the article and set of graphics about preserving and taking care of mental health in the time of Corona virus pandemic and home isolation. 20 advices presented in form of 5 graphics and an article have been created and shared on social medias. Online campaign engaged with more than 9000 young people. One of the key messages shared within the campaign is following: We are not alone!

It is evident that “life in the Corona time“ carries with it great threats to the physical and mental health of all of us. Still, things are not all bad. We know that, in every bad or negative situation, there is something good and positive if we make an effort to see the big picture, better consider the entire situation and find some positive aspect, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant it might be. Also, the good news is that we always have a choice, can take action and can also count on someone’s support because, as hopeless and desperate as things might seem, there is always a solution. We are not alone. We are not helpless either unless we choose to be helpless ourselves because, whatever befalls us, we have the possibility to get out of that situation.

Activities are being implemented by Youth Power, Mostar under the project Young Men Initiative II (YMI): “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes II”, supported by the Government of Switzerland, Oak Foundation, Austrian Development Agency and CARE International Balkans.

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