With high school counsellors to healthier lifestyles among youth

October 24, 2017 YMI News

NGO Youth Power organized a one-day activity of consultation with counsellors at the Hotel Ada, Blagaj, on 19 October where the meeting was attended by high school counsellors from Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Pedagogical Institute, and the Institute for Education.

The goal of this event was a joint discussion and planning of activities as part of the implementation of the project “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in BiH by Challenging Gender Stereotypes”.

In accordance with the conclusions of the 3rd and 4th Conference titled “Zero tolerance to violence in schools” – dedicated to the results of the Program for the prevention of violence and juvenile delinquency in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, and in accordance with the fact that from 2012 schools in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton had the obligation to develop school action plans for the prevention of violence among students and to include them in the annual curricula, making this activity a compulsory part of the educational work of each school; NGO Youth Power created a set of workshops and tools for high school counsellors. The workshops were designed to train peer educators and school staff for the implementation of workshop methodology “Program Y(outh)”. The purpose of this meeting was presenting the results from the previous phases of the project and joint planning of future steps.

The Manual for educators in high schools and youth workers titled “Program Y – Youth” is a tool developed from the Young Men Initiative program by CARE International Balkans and its partners from the Western Balkan countries, which focus on addressing issues of gender inequality, practices harmful to health and violence in the daily lives of young men and women aged 14-19 years in schools and community.

The project “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in BiH by Challenging Gender Stereotypes” is supported the Swiss Government and implemented by CARE International and its partners Youth Power from Mostar, Association XY from Sarajevo and Perpetuum Mobile from Banja Luka.

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