Uroš Radulović on joining Be a Man Club (BMK), Belgrade

February 9, 2013 Youth Spotlight

My story about “Be a Man Club” started in early 2012. Workshops have started and caught my attention with topics which are different than the things we usually do in school, and they look much different than the usual classes we have, so I decided to stay and participate.

As time went by, topics became more and more interesting for me. With all these different topics, from gender equality to workshops about violence and how to evade and prevent it in a nonviolent way, to drugs, homophobia, health etc. This was all very educational and I learned a lot of things I did not know before. Also, I began to respect girls and women more, and also respect people’s opinions, differences and diversity.

Later I participated in Rima-Roma workshops with young Roma boys rap group Grubb and a couple of other BMC members. These were creative musical workshops which also had the goal of increasing tolerance and respect towards Roma people and other minorities. In only two days, in great and fun atmosphere, with lots of laugh, we created a song called “Sound that lights up the speakers“ in which we promoted combating against discrimination and nonviolence. A couple of months later we participated in street activism festival called Vreva and performed this song. Soon we will work more on the song and maybe add some new things.

Also, this summer I was on two „Be a Man“ camps where I learned a lot about leadership skills and about how to become a true leader. There was a regional camp in Croatia where I met a lot of different and great people from countries in the region and I saw and experienced a lot of wonderful things. I was also on a national „Be a Man“ camp on lakes in Bela Crkva where we also learned new things and had great fun.

With the help of BMC and through all these different activities, I have realized some important things in life, that we shouldn’t treat people with discrimination of any kind, that it is normal to be different. Also, I have realized how any kind of violence can affect a person and that violence is never the right way. All the things I have experienced and learned and all the skills I have aquired are very useful for my life and my future.

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