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November 6, 2012 YMI News

In order to continue expanding the network of schools in partnership that are implementing a Young man initiative program, we need to present them our program in detail and demonstrate the way in which he is being conducted.

This activity is very important because trough it we are gaining new partners and show them new strategies in working with young people. So we at the Youth Organization Status: M have decided to organize a training for teachers, substantially similar to the one in Zagreb, Osijek and Split during the year. This time the host city of the conference was Rijeka.

The symposium was held in the space of The Education and Teacher Trainings Ageny, and it was organized in collaboration with CARE International and The Education and Teacher Trainings Agency, and lasted two full days (4th and 5th of Septembre).

The training attended over 20 workers from the education sector, such as professors /teachers, pedagogues, psychologists…

In these two days, they were presented with a detailed method of implementation of the Young Man Initiative program, and what was left of them particularly strong impression was the testimony about the impact of the program held from the users of the programme and the fact that some users are participating in the work of Status M. Thus, while displaying ways of conducting workshops, the experience said by the guys who went through the whole program, and their speeches, have shocked and inspired everyone in a positive way.

Reactions of participants were fantastic, and all were thrilled, but I have to say that this is not our conclusion based on subjective observations of members Status: M, but based on the evaluation questionnaire filled in by everyone at the end of the training, in which were found comments such as: “Scientifically proved, very interactive, fun, innovative. Only a few programs have that, and you do this very successfully and are so committed to doing it”, “It was great! I am very happy and although the symposium lasted full two days, there was no time when I was bored, on the contrary,I do not know when was the last time someone managed to keep my attention for 2 days in a row. :)“.

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