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Future for You(th): Young people as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans

Summary of the Project
In 2013, through the ADA-funded project Young Man Initiative (YMI), CARE and partners started to advocate for introducing gender transformative life skills programming – such as Program Youth (from here on out Program Y) – in high schools in Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to fight interpersonal and gender-based violence and improve gender equality in the region. Building on the earlier YMI achievements, this project phase will put the emphasis on institutionalization, scaling up and sustainability, as well as working with ministries and quality assurance institutions for the accreditation of Program Y and integration of life skills education in national curriculums. It will further expand its implementation by piloting the tailored programs in elementary schools and correctional institutions, strengthening the cooperation with pedagogical and teaching universities, and maximizing the use of online tools to ensure the continuity of the program in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. CARE’s gender transformative life skills programming reflected in the Program Y will contribute to creating positive and peaceful societies for young people in Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina that embrace and promote gender equality and non-violence.

  1. Elementary schools, high schools and universities are equipped to effectively deliver and lead the implementation of CARE’s life skills program (Program Y) to support young people in their safe transition to adulthood.
  2. Juvenile correctional institutions pilot CARE´s life skills program tailor-made for youth at risk (Program Y Plus) to prevent radicalization and contribute to re-socialization.
  3. Communities are mobilized and take an active role in initiating educational policy change, securing stronger public voices for youth within Future 4 You(th) Movement.
  4. Governmental bodies are empowered to develop strategies to institutionalize life skills programming through multi-stakeholder consultation processes.

The project is implemented by CARE in cooperation with seven local partner organizations: Center E8 and SMART Kolektiv from Serbia, SIT and YMCA from Kosovo, Act for Society Centre from Albania, Institute Perpetuum Mobile from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Status M from Croatia.
Target groups and beneficiaries include:

  • At least 200 representatives of decision-making institutions;
  • 500 high and elementary school teachers;
  • 160 social welfare staff;
  • 47,800 young people from 11 to 30 years old in elementary schools, high schools, universities, as well as youth in communities;
  • At least 17,000 local stakeholders in mobilized communities and at least 30 representatives of seven local partner organizations.

In total, 65,690 direct beneficiaries.

Country / Region:

Balkan region


March 1st 2021 – February 29th 2024


Center E8 - Belgrade
Act for Society – Tirana
Institute Perpetuum Mobile – Banja Luka
SMART kolektiv Belgrade
Status M

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ADC - Austrian Development Cooperation

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