February 10, 2023 News

During the winter break, members of Budi Muško Club Tuzla organized a three-day program called “Winter Break”.

The program combined fun and learning and was directed towards the club’s goals, which are strengthening healthy communication, developing healthy cultural awareness and supporting sustainable lifestyles.

Participants had the opportunity to attend various workshops such as “HIV in search of a signature”, “Pleasures and risks”, where they also participated in debates and quizzes where they practiced creative writing, strengthened self-confidence and learned how to lead a healthy life.

On the last day, a trip to nature was organized, which, in addition to recreation, also included educational games on the topics of exercise, proper nutrition, and strengthening mental and emotional endurance.

The Winter Break was organized on the model of the Summer Break that Budi Muško Klub Tuzla conducted during the summer break.

We are glad to see that such programs, due to their excellent implementation, are becoming a tradition in Tuzla and help young people achieve a healthy and happy future.

“The activity was realized within the framework of the Young Men Initiative III (YMI – Young Men Initiative “Promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing interpersonal violence among young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina by challenging gender stereotypes III”, which is supported by the Government of Switzerland, the OAK Foundation, the Austrian Development Agency and CARE International Bosnia and Herzegovina.”


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