YMI Regional Youth Leadership Camp at National Park Tjentište, BiH 

July 6, 2022 YMI News

CARE International Balkans and Young Men Initiative team organized Regional Youth Leadership Camp at National Park Tjentište in Sutjeska, Bosnia and Herzegovina for 80 young people across the region from 30th June to 4th  of July 2022. 

Youth Leadership Camp is organized in partnership with Institute for Population and Development (IPD) from Sarajevo, Youth Power from Mostar, Perpetuum Mobile from Banja Luka, Land of Children in BiH from Tuzla, PRONI from Bijeljina, Forum Theatre from East Sarajevo, OTAHARIN from Bijeljina, Center E8 and Smart Kolektiv from Belgrade, SIT and YMCA from Pristina, Act for Society from Tirana and Status M from Zagreb. After a covid pause, this year’s Youth Leadership Camp had a regional attendance and gathered peer educators and members of Be a Men Clubs from mentioned cities across the Western Balkans.

During the camp, trainers and educators worked with young men and women on building leadership skills and competencies, reinforcing healthy lifestyles and endorsing general youth development as a part of the Young Men Initiative and Future for Youth movement.

Camp participants have been selected based on demonstrated leadership potential in their school, local community and Be a Men Club. During the camp, boys and girls will go through a very dynamic leadership educational program – as CARE strongly believes that all young people have the potential to become future leaders.

“Being part of YMI broadened my views and shaped me as a better person. This program is continuously giving me a chance to fulfill my own potentials, and the time spent at the Camp gave me the opportunity to make friends with my peers from all over the Balkans. I cannot even imagine that one could be so happy and have this much fun as we were during Camp at Tjentište!”

Be a Man club member

During the camp itself:

  • Young men and women were introduced to sessions that provided an entertaining way for teens to consider their potential as leaders and gain insight into the value of leadership in everyday activities
  • Young men and women learned basic leadership concepts and reflected broadly on the significance of leadership in terms of ethical values, as well as differentiate between power, influence, and authority
  • Young men and women had a chance to practice public speaking and communication skills, as well chance to explore nature of Tjentište through various outdoor team-building activities 

Until next year and the next leadership camp – stay empowered, motivated and healthy to continue making a further impact and positive changes in your environment, one step at a time.

The organization of YMI Regional Youth Leadership Camp is supported by the Government of Switzerland, through the project “Young Men Initiative (YMI): Promoting Healthier Lifestyles and Decrease of Interpersonal Violence among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes; Phase III” and “Future for You(th): Young people as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans” funded by Austrian Development Cooperation, CARE Germany and Oak Foundation.

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