Young people “occupied” the Youth Center in Banja Luka

October 11, 2021 News

“Perpetuum mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development” Banja Luka, a partner organization of CARE International Balkans, organized interesting activities for young people on October 7, 2021.

After hard training and learning on topics from the program “Program Y”, which in 2017 received the prestigious “GENE” award as one of the 10 best manuals in Europe for non-formal education, focus groups and workshops, the previous meeting was dedicated to enjoying and fun.

The previous meeting was reserved for “Movie night”. Over 20 young people attended the joint film screening, but also the socializing that followed. After a short break, from the next meeting, next week, we are again expected to continue interactive workshops and discussions on interesting topics.

What is your first association when we say: youth, creativity and healthy lifestyles?

Be a Men’s Club, of course!

And when we say: Be a Men’s Club Banja Luka, meetings, education and fun?

Then the answer is – Youth Center in Banja Luka.

These two fantastic things combined into one – meetings of the Be Men Club (informal groups of young people who in innovative ways promote healthy lifestyles among peers and talk about the importance of violence prevention) are now held every Thursday from 19:30 at the Youth Center at Đuro Daničić 1, Banja Luka).

The contents are different: educations that through innovative approaches in the prevention of gender-based violence and the promotion of healthy lifestyles among boys and girls influence changes in attitudes and behaviors, team building activities, travel, counseling, but also entertainment and leisure activities.

Perpetuum mobile invites all young people to join and be part of a network of as many as 60,000 young people in the region. Find more information on the website or on the Instagram profile of Budi Muško Klub Banja Luka bmk_bl.

The activity is implemented within the project  YMI – Young Men Initiative III : “Promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing interpersonal violence among young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina by challenging gender stereotypes, phase III” and the project: “Future for Youth: Youth as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans”, supported by the Government of Switzerland, the Oak Foundation, the Austrian Development Agency and CARE International Balkans.

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