Presentation of Program Y in the Government of Tuzla Canton

September 24, 2020 News

After many years of dedicated work and education within the Young Men Initiative program in Tuzla, but also in the entire Tuzla Canton, our work was officially presented to the competent institutions.

CARE’s partner organizations Perpetuum mobileInstitute for Youth and Community Development Banja Luka and the Association “Zemlja djece u BiH” (Country of Children in BiH) Tuzla together with representatives of CARE International Balkans had the opportunity to present in detail their programs, achieved fantastic results, as well as planned goals for future cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science in the Government of Tuzla Canton.

On that occasion, the delegation was hosted by Ms. Fahreta Brašnjić, Minister in the Ministry of Education and Science. 

The project is already recognized as important and of great importance for young people, given that every year the Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton issues a positive opinion, and the competent ministry approves the implementation of educational activities in high schools in the Canton.

Presentation of Program Y in the Government of Tuzla Canton

Good multi-year cooperation was an opportunity to initiate a joint meeting, but also the results achieved in high schools in Tuzla speak for themselves. Professors from the Public Institution Mixed Secondary Traffic School and the Public Institution Mixed Secondary Electrical Engineering School were able to confirm how much “Program Y” positively affects the lives of their students every day, where educational workshops take place regularly. 

Institutionally acknowledged and recognized work is just another value of a tailored and competent “Program Y” for young people aged 14 to 19.

In the coming period, we are preparing more activities and initiatives!

Stay tuned!

The activities were realized within the project Young Men Initiative II (YMI): “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes II” and the project: “Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and the Prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Western Balkans”, supported by the Government of Switzerland, the Oak Foundation, the Austrian Development Agency and CARE International Balkans.

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