Synergy Marked International Day of Families

June 24, 2020 News

International Day of Families is the great opportunity to remind how much the family is important. Youth Educational Club Synergy marked International Day of Families on 15. of May.

Their youth workers and BMC members posted photos of their families on Facebook profile and in few sentences describing the reason of its authenticity. 

The family is a pillar of society and a basis for individual and group development. All right and real values are acquired in family. Respecting other people, manners, good and appropriate behaviors and healthy lifestyles are that we are learning during childhood and socialization.

Synergy members showed that having these values as tolerance, respecting, love and honesty is popular and not outdated. 

Long-term volunteer Marija Barovic pointed out that the members of her family are so different and have different views on life. She loves her family because it is the biggest support that is always helping her to cope with challenges and achieve goals in her life. 

Youth worker of Synergy, Jovana Stojanovic said that the family learned her about life values and it is so authentic because of its diversity. Jovana pointed out that being different is the biggest potential in society. Equality and gender equality are the terms which she heard for the first time in her family. 

Aleksandra Lazarevic, one of the most active volunteers pointed out that the family is all we have in life and the family relationships have to be nurtured. The family is her biggest support. 

Prejudices, hate, fear, violence and discrimination are non-acceptable behaviors. The foundation for (not)having these attitudes originates from the family. Thus, it is very important to nurture healthy relationships and values. Gender equality and prevention of violence are crucial topics for developing the primary cell of society-family. Gender equality, equality regardless the skin or societal status, healthy lifestyles and mental health create its basis in even smallest communities.

Youth Educational Club Synergy promotes all mentioned values. By organizing the conference TheGreatDaddy, representatives of Sunergy put focus on including men in taking care of children. The point of this campaign is engaging men in housework, raising up the children and spending the quality time with them. The aim of the campaign TheGreatDaddy is forming healthy relationships in the family. 

Every year Synergy finds out innovative ideas and ways for marking International Day of Families and puts focus on values which are the basis for successful individual and group development.

The activity is implemented by YEC Synergy within the framework of the Young Men Initiative II – The Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Balkans project, supported by CARE International Balkans, Austrian Development Cooperation and Oak Foundation

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