Be a Man Club marked International Health Day by discussing the importance of mental health care on physical health

April 14, 2020 News

It is so important to keep ourselves healthy, physically but also mentally – and especially during these tough days for all of us while self-isolated.

On the 7th of April for the World Health Day,  Be a Man Club in Kosovo marked this day through a live streaming conversation with Ass. Dr. Natyra Agani (Ph.D. on Psychology).

Since nowadays almost everything has been switched to online platforms, this discussion joined many different people such as young people, students, parents and Be a Man Club members as well. Ass. Dr. Natyre started the video live stream with an introduction of herself, where she told us that she is a teaching assistant at the University of Pristina in the department of Psychology. The psychologist added and shared with the audience how amazed she is with the members of Be a Man Club since she met them in different youth activities in Prishtina. On a daily basis, she holds psychological sessions with young people, therefore, considered important to explain how the COVID19 is affecting everybody’s life and how we should cope with it.  

We are used to being active most of the time and it is normal to feel sad and bored while we are self-isolated. 

She told us that the anxiety and stress from being home all the time and not going out at least for a walk, missing our friends, relatives, colleagues, and our loved ones, is totally normal and that she is feeling the same way. However, Ass. Dr. Natyre told us what we can do while we stay at home, how we can take care of our mental health since this situation might affect our physical health too. 

“Call your friends, relatives, colleagues, and your loved ones, ask them how they are doing, it is very important to keep in touch with people that we love. You need to have a good sleep schedule, eat healthy foods and not disrupt these habits. While attending online lectures and meetings, do not forget to spend time for yourself”, she told us.

She gave us some examples of what we can do in our free time after we finish our school/work obligations.

“Read the books that we said we will read and due to the lack of time we didn’t. They are still somewhere hidden in the bookshelf. Listen to music, avoid a lot of listening to the news and the use of social media. This can affect your mental health too”

said Ass. Dr. Natyre

After she told the audience how they can spend qualitative time for themselves, young people, parents and students that were watching the live stream, they started to ask different questions based on their current situation. She responded to each of them and also shared a website that the Department of Psychology of the University of Pristina has developed for young people in order to help them to take care of their mental health during this hard time.

After the session of questions & answers, Ass. Dr. Natyre said that she is willing to support whoever needs some advice and is going through a tough time and that everyone can contact her. She thanked everyone who participated in her live streaming discussion and especially to the Be a Man Club members that are – as she said – an example of active youngsters who contribute to a healthy, non-violent and equal society.

This activity has been implemented within the project “Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and the Prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Balkans”, implemented by CARE International Balkans in partnership with SIT – Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research and YMCA in Kosovo and supported by Austrian Development Agency, and Oak Foundation.

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