Celebrating International Day of Peace in Mostar

October 3, 2019 Regional and International, YMI News

On 21 September 2019 CARE Partner organization Youth Power, together with members of the Be a Man Club Mostar, marked the International Day of Peace by organizing the action “Peace of Cake” on Lenin’s promenade in Mostar.

The youth aimed to remind the citizens of Mostar of the need to strengthen peace messages and ideas among all people and nations.

The action took place on Lenin’s promenade where there was a stand with cookies and T-shirts with positive messages printed on them, messages aimed at promoting peace. Youth Power volunteers and Be a Man members have distributed 200 cookies and over 100 T-shirts to passers-by. The passers-by approached the stand where they wrote messages of peace on small papers and later, at the very end of the action, lanterns were released that contained messages from passers-by.

Project Coordinator Ružica Boras said that the action was successful and that they received many compliments from the citizens.

“Our volunteers have prepared a clever action that has managed to involve a large number of fellow citizens. With their positive attitude and warmth, they brought a smile to the faces of many, and the cookies that were distributed were an additional bonus. They spoke with many and received many commendations for their effort, contribution and desire to achieve peace. Youth Power is proud of the work of their volunteers, especially on their message to spread peace with small acts of attention.”

Ružica Boras

The International Day of Peace was founded by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in 1981 in order to mark and strengthen the ideals of peace among all nations and countries. Following the discussions on the introduction of the “Day of peace” and what it should represent, it was concluded that it would exist to continuously remind people of the need to strengthen peace messages and ideas among all people and nations.

The activity was carried out within the project YMI – Young Men Initiative II: “Promotion of healthier life styles among youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by challenging gender stereotype II” and the project: “Men and boys as partners in To promote gender equality and resolve the issues of extremism and violence of youth in the Western Balkans”, supported by the Swiss government, the KIA Foundation, the Austrian Development Agency and Care International Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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