Good practices of our country and region in the global base of the best health programs

February 6, 2019 YMI News

In January 2019, the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC) experts launched an online library providing access to research, education tools, scientific papers, on the topic of health, sexual and reproductive health and other complementary areas (violence, health of people with disabilities, upbringing, mental health, prevention of the use of psychoactive substances).

The online library offers various content that will help experts around the world to consult professional literature and practice-based evidence and apply them in their work.

We are especially proud that products of CARE International Balkans and its partner XY Association have found their place in this eminent global library and are next to the most famous and most respected global educational and health programs. Program Y in all regional languages, Pazi.Sex,, are just some of the materials that are now available in the global ESC library. This is an excellent presentation of our country, organization and partners in BiH as well as in all countries of the world, recognizing the reputation that the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health enjoys globally.

You can visit the library at the following link.

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