Banja Luka: Be a Man Club Banja Luka in the “Eight March” action!

March 13, 2018 YMI News

Worldwide, 8 March is celebrated as the International Women’s Day that emerged as the day of the struggle for economic, political and social equality between women and men, which the women achieved in the mid-19th century.

Be a Man Club (BMC) Banja Luka, as a Club that fights for equality in the society on a daily basis, organized an action together with the High School of Catering, Trade and Tourism, and Vocational High School in Banja Luka.

BMC members, together with professors, used part of the regular school time to inform high school students about the origin, historical development, and importance of 8 March in a creative way. The most active students are awarded symbolic thank you certificates because through their engagement they contribute to the equality in the society.

It is necessary to respect and promote women’s rights every year, not just once a year. Regardless of the current situation, try to devote attention and love every day to mothers, sisters, wives, female colleagues and together with them make sure that every next holiday they are more equal and respected, was the message of the Club’s members.

The action was held as part of the project “Young Men Initiative” implemented by CARE International Balkans and Perpetuum Mobile in Banja Luka and the region, and supported by the Swiss Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Austrian Development Agency.

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