Campaign REACT HUMAN in Serbia

October 4, 2015 Regional and International

For the occasion of International Day of Non-violence 2nd October 2015, launched a new campaign REACT HUMAN in Serbia.

Young men and girls from the “Be a man” clubs in Belgrade of CARE’s partner organization Center E8 performed three flash mobs in which they realistically acted out quarrel and violence. Locations were in front of McDonalds on Terazije, in the schoolyard of gymnasium St. Sava and in front of Beograđanka building. We congratulated to girl and a young men who tried to help and stop the violence, while most bystanders stayed passive. From everyday life, and from the media, we see that one of the major problems in our society is that people do not react to the violence that they witness and that is happening around them, they behave as if that’s not their concern and often only watch or record, rather than react in a right way to stop the violence.

Campaign REACT HUMAN aims to raise awareness about the violence that surrounds us, and to empower young people to react in a positive and safe manner, to take part in prevention of violent situations. This campaign was conducted as part of the regional project Young Men Initiative – Boys and Men as Allies in Violence Prevention and Gender Transformation in the Western Balkans, supported by OAK Foundation, Austrian Development Agency and CARE Germany-Luxembourg.


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