Activities of the Be a Man Club in the grammar school St. Sava

May 22, 2015 Regional and International

On 24 April members of the Be a Man Club organized “chalk walk” type of public action in the grammar school St. Sava where, together with other peers, they wrote messages and slogans of BMC in colored chalk.

All this was followed by distributing the “Be a Man” materials and verbal promotion of our values. So, the messages of fight against violence and in particular gender-based violence, and promoting gender equality, were very noticed and they attracted a lot of attention. The action was even joined by several male and female teachers. Some of the messages that were written on that occasion were: “A man is not a hunter, a woman is not a trophy”, “Use the force of argument rather than force as an argument”, “If you hear ‘NO’ as ‘YES’, learn your own mother tongue!”, ” If you snap – you’re not a man, but a camera!”, etc.

BMC in this school also used the opportunity to further promote its club, messages and values during a big sports tournament held on 26 April. In addition to “Be a Man” brochures and flyers, materials for promotion of the website, the site of BMCs on the topic of sexual and reproductive health, proved to be particularly interesting.

Activities of “Be a Man” programs in schools are conducted by the Centre E8 and supported by the CARE International Balkans, Austrian Development Cooperation and the OAK Foundation.

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