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May 21, 2015 YMI News

CARE partner organization Youth Power, as part of the project “Young Men Initiative – Promoting Healthier Lifestyles Among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes ” supported by the Government of Switzerland, OAK Foundation and CARE Germany-Luxembourg in Bosnia and Herzegovina has implemented 13 educational workshops in first and second grades of the Tourism and Catering High School and Mechanical and Traffic Engineering High School in Mostar during the last month.

More than 300 female and male students took part in this cycle of workshops. The main theme of the workshops was “labeling,” which, as we could see through the work with young people, is present in our schools and communities.

Educational workshops conducted by BMC Mostar are by no means classical lecturing. The workshops are part of the “Program M” methodology which is based on the principle of facilitation, where the facilitator, using a set of questions, reaches conclusions together with the rest of the group. This series of workshops is a continuation of the work started with young women and young men from the above-mentioned schools. During the next school year, the same students will be involved in the new educational workshops that will address the issues of violence, violence prevention, and prevention of drug and alcohol abuse.

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