Awareness Raising Campaign Activity

April 24, 2015 Regional and International

CARE International Balkans partner Center E8 organised an activity with “Be a Man” Club members in high school Sveti Sava in Belgrade.

They held a “chalk walk” type of public action, where together with other peers, left messages and slogans of BMC (Budi Musko Klub) in chalk on pavement. This was followed by sharing “Be a man” materials and promotion of our values. The messages of combating violence, and particularly gender-based violence, and promoting gender equality, were very noticed and attracted a lot of attention.

The action was even joined by some professors. Some of the messages that were written on that occasion were: “A man is not a hunter, woman is not a trophy”, “If ‘NO’, you hear as ‘YES’, learn your own native language!” “If you snap – you’re not a man but a camera!” This initiative is part of the Boys and Men as Allies in Gender Transformation and Violence Prevention in the Western Balkans supported by the Austrian Development Agency and OAK Foundation.

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