Macho Men in Sarajevo

March 12, 2015 YMI News

Fifteen members of the Be a Man Club Banja Luka visited Sarajevo on 3rd and 4th February 2015.

Members of the Be a Man Club Banja Luka watched the play “Macho Men” in a packed Chamber Theatre in Sarajevo. The play was created within the project Young Men Initiative. It speaks about how a real man should look like. Satisfied with the play, which made them laugh they spent the rest of the evening in socializing with their friends from Mostar and Belgrade.

For some of them this was the first time they visited Sarajevo, so they spent the second day of their stay for sightseeing.

Some members of the Be a Man also attended the international meeting of Care International where, in front of almost thirty employees of this international organization around the world, they spoke about their experiences, how much this project had helped them in their growing up, maturing and creating healthy lifestyles.

Visit to the play and Sarajevo was also a kind of reward to the members of the Be a Man Club for the numerous activities that they had implemented in the past and that they would implement in the future period.

The project is supported by the Swiss Embassy in BiH.

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