Action: Respect women = prevent violence

March 9, 2015 YMI News

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, our organization with the help of its volunteers organized today in the center of Kosovska Mitrovica a called “Respect women = prevent violence” aimed at raising awareness among citizens about the unequal position of women in our society.

We fear that 8th March  has began to lose its meaning over time. A large number of people are not even aware of what 8th March symbolizes. Everyday news about attacks on women, about discrimination against women in the workplace, about the fact that women are paid less, or that pregnant women lose their jobs due to the maternity leave talk about the position of women in our society.

It’s time to raise the voice and give support to our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, female friends… They are strong, but they need our support more than ever. 8th March is not a day of flowers, but the day when we summarize the position of women in our society. Let us make sure that on the next 8th March women are more equal and more respected, the responsibility is on us, men.

Dear ladies, happy 8th March!

Deputy director
Stefan Veljkovic

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