Through the photos – Action “My FIVE against the violence!”

December 11, 2014 YMI News

Action was held in the Park “Petar Kocic” in the period from 1-3 pm.

After the action, Be a man team organized a “parade” of showing signed declaration to the citizens

Over 150 passersby gave “their 5 against the violence” (with their hand dipped in paint they left a handprint on the declaration against violence)

Over 700 citizens have seen the action (while the street stand was set up in the park and during the passage of “parade” with the declaration through the Krajina Square and Gospodska Street)

The declaration was signed by citizens from 5-75 years of age, both men and women

The declaration was signed by the members of the Roma population (two citizens)

The signing was organized by 16 members of BNC Banja Luka, both young men and women from 16 to 19 years of age in cooperation with the management of Perpetuum mobile

Two media followed this action: ATV (the footage is expected during the evening) and eTrafika which has already published the news.

During the campaign, we have been active on our accounts on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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