Regional conference „Violence prevention among young people“

June 25, 2014 Regional and International

Perpetuum mobile – Centre for Youth and Community Development and RS Government Gender Centre organized Regional conference „Violence prevention among youth” on June 19th 2014 in Administrative centre of RS Government in Banja Luka.


Regional and domestic experiences (Serbia, Croatia, Republika Srpska) and good practices were presented at the conference.

Representatives of following institutions and organizations took part in conference: Ministry of Youth and Sport in Republika Srpska (RS), Ministry of Education and Culture of RS, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic Pedagogic Institute RS, Centre for Social Works Banja Luka, OSCE, Ombudsman for Children RS, CARE International, Parents Forum as well as representatives of Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of Republic of Croatia and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia.

Conclusions of the Conference produced steps and measures that for the goal have more efficient joint effort and work on prevention and fight against violence. Conference was one of the project activities that Perpetuum mobile in cooperation with nine international and local partner organizations has been carrying out for seven years now. Project “Young Men Initiative for Preventing Violence in the Western Balkans” uses innovative project methodology that is focused on changes in attitudes and behaviour of young men relating to gender and peer based violence. Through the work with young people significant successes and results have been achieved and innovative work model that has been presented at the conference was created. Besides those achievements it was very important to share experiences and knowledge with representatives of relevant institutions and organizations in order to explore the possibilities about including initiatives and models of work for young men and women in suppression of all forms of violence and promotion of healthy lifestyles and how to include those kind of models and build them into measures, programs and politics. Having in mind large rate of violence among young people in whole of the region lately, it is very important to share experiences among all NGO’s and institutions that work with those issues.

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