Angelina Jolie applauded Saša Ostojić, Perpetuum Mobile activist

June 16, 2014 Regional and International

Angelina Jolie, Hollywood star and special UN ambassador, hostess of the event, looked on as Saša Ostojić, representative of Banja Luka NGO Perpetuum Mobile spoke at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, held last night in London.

Saša presented “Be a Man” and “Young Men Initiative” projects, projects that for its goal have change in understanding idea of masculinity in the Balkans, breaking prejudices and setting up positive ideals and true values that we should aim for.

– When one minute before your speech Angelina Jolie walks into the room, followed by hundreds of expert form around the World it is normal to be nervous. But when at the end of your speech you hear the applause I can say that every minute invested in the work I am doing was worth it. I am proud and happy“, Saša said last night.

Four-day Global Summit at the ExCel Centre in London gathered officials and a representative of NGO’s from more than a hundred countries from all over the World and is the biggest event with this theme. Organisers invited high ranked officials from more than 100 World countries, around 900 experts, NGO representatives, war survivors and religious leaders.

– Change starts with us and if we want to change the World we have to start with ourselves. It is not an easy task to fight stereotypes of being a man in our community but the changes still can be seen. We want younger generations to achieve higher level of awareness and to understand that real man is not violent, he does not discriminate, respects women and is ready to take responsibility“, Saša said.

On the margins of this three-day Summit there are more than 140 events open to public. Those events include film, music and theatre performances as well as debates.
The result of this Summit is expected to be an International protocol that would help indict sexual crime offenders in armed conflicts.

British Foreign Minister William Hague, also a host to the Summit, expressed his hope that the Global Summit that finishes on Friday will bring end to “culture of impunity”.

United Nations General Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon and US State Secretary, John Kerry will address the Summit at the final Plenary Assembly planned for Friday.


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