Macho men won the main prize on the “Youth Theatre Festival”

September 3, 2013 YMI News

CARE’s partner organization Centre E8 from Belgrade, led by Vojislav Arsić, won another award for the author’s play “Macho men”, this time on the Youth Theatre Festival held from 20th to 27th August in Novi Pazar.

Macho men were declared the best play of the festival by the unanimous decision of the jury, led by Branislav Trifunović, with the great support from the audience. The festival is organized with the intention to bring together urban young people who are engaged in theater and those who love it. Youth Theatre Festival (YTF) is a place where a new generation of actors and actresses have the opportunity to show their talent.

The play “Macho men” is realized within the project “Young Men as Allies in Preventing Violence and Conflict in the Western Balkans” which is implemented in Serbia by the Centre E8 and CARE NW Balkans, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.

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