BMK members from the whole region at camp in Savudrija

July 14, 2013 YMI News

Savudrija, a small village at the edge of Croatia, has hosted a group of BMK members from the whole region.

Camp, organized by Care International with the support of Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosted 40 young men and 15 facilitators. Participants arrived from Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo, Beograd, Kikinda, Kragujevac, Priština, Zagreb and Split to train for taking up a role of future leaders in their cities and communities. Leadership and development of young men was the main focus of the whole gathering that lasts from 8th to 14th July.

Through a series of workshops and interesting activities young men are preparing for their future role as representatives of a different kind of masculinity, the one that excludes violence, degrading women and caring for your and health of those around you. Project Young men initiative that gathers partners from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Srbija and Croatia is producing a new generation of young leaders. We are looking forward to new ideas that will come from young and creative minds.

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