July 9, 2013

The award “Branislav B. Čubrilović” for theatre play Macho Men!

At the festival “PatosOFFiranje 09” the theatre play “Macho Men” won the award “Branislav B. Čubrilović” for the artistic courage with an explanation that it unmasks cultural stereotypes about the Balkans machismo and the implied understanding of man in the Serbian society!

The ninth international multimedia festival “PatosOFFiranje” was held from 04th to 07th July 2013, in the organization of PATOS, and it presented a full-day intensive program with more than 150 performers.

With the subtitle “Matrikula” the ninth “PatosOFFiranje” drew attention to the crisis of identity, both in individuals and in communities. The festival “PatosOFFiranje” is the international multimedia festival dedicated to young theater artists.

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