Denis Hadžović on joining Be a Man Club (BMK), Zagreb

February 8, 2013 Youth Spotlight

I was walking around the school and saw a strange stand in the hall, which was surrounded by many students. I approached it and asked what it was all about. Guys from BMC explained it to me and asked me if I wanted to join them.

First I refused it because I thought it was nonsense and I didn’t want to sign up. After two weeks the stand was again in our school and I asked a classmate if he wanted to go with me. After a short discussion, we agreed that we wanted to sign up.

We went to sign up and after school we went to our first Be a Man Club – camp for beginners and that was where it all started. I liked a lot the BMC – camp and workshops that I attended, and we had a great fun during spare time.

On the first BMC – camp I learned some things that I never knew about drugs, alcohol and sex. When we returned from the camp I stayed active in the BMC, attended many workshops, and went to many places with the BMC. I changed myself more and more, and learned even more.

Before the BMC I was just an arrogant kid who would not think of the consequences that would occur after doing something stupid. Or, if someone would start to tease me I would respond 3 times harder. Today I think a lot more about some things that I never would thought about before and I am controlling my emotions and reactions a lot more than before.

The BMC has taught me about many useful things, not only about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. but also about many things that are useful for life. For example, negotiation skills, anger control and emotion control, that all people are equal regardless of whether they are red, yellow, black, pink or white, whether they have gay, straight or bisexual orientation.

If there weren’t for the BMC I would probably be the same arrogant kid who cared only about fighting, provoking and doing stupid things.

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