Armin Licina on joining Be a Man Club (BMK)

June 1, 2011 Youth Spotlight

Something happened in school, something that caught my attention. I did not have an idea what it was all about and I wanted to find out…

My attention was drawn to posters that were unusual. I decided to enroll and find out what it was all about. In the beginning I was pretty sceptical about all of it but as time went on I started loving BMK, ongoing activities and hanging out with friends. I wanted to become different, to set a good example to others. I was drawn by the stories that BMK guys are great guys and friends and that, along with good fun and hanging out, something can also be learnt that can be useful for me and my friends. Motivational activities were also a good incentive to join. But those activities are nothing compared to building of my character that I gained through the help of BMK and that I will have for the rest of my life. Priceless!

Difference is enormous. Honestly, I can not imagine myself without BMK. My life was going in the wrong direction before my saviour, BMK, showed up. I was wasting my time before BMK. When I joined BMK through workshops I learnt how real man should behave. Something completely opposite to Balkan understanding of man. Methods used in youth education are great, it is something completely different to what we expoerienced in our education so far. If the school applied those I believe that we would become better young people with a lot more knowledge than we have. Leadership Camps are a different story. It is something that can not be forgotten. It is an experience of a lifetime. Group education with friends is a great method. It is the most efficient way to reach young people.

Through these experiences I gained leadership skills and I learnt how to approach people that I encountered for the first time in my life. I used to be pretty closed and did not really have too many friends. I went through one advanced camp and I noticed the difference in how I behaved before and after the camp. I improved myself. I realised many things that my peers don’t realize until they are much older. My communication skills have also improved. People want to be my friends because of the way I behave thanks to BMK. I have learnt to enjoy my youth years in the right way. BMK has also helped me figure out what kind of man girls like. The way you look is not the most important; I am enjoying company of girls and my reputation with them is a lot better. I have also become a young man that is an example to his peers and in future I will be the same for my children.

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