“Kako ja ovo sinu da objasnim?”

15 Decembra, 2018 YMI

U petak 14. decembra u novosadskom Pozorištu mladih održana je premijera nove predstave Centra E8 „Kako ja ovo sinu da objasnim?“ u režiji Vojislava Arsića.

Ova predstava govori o tome šta je ekstremizam, kako do njega dolazi, koje su njegove posledice, koliko je prisutan i možemo li da zamislimo svet u kome mržnja zbog različitosti neće biti toliko prisutna. Takva tema je osetljiva u današnjem društvu, a naše tlo je bilo, i uvek će biti, pogodno za rađanje novih ekstremizama. Upravo zbog toga predstava prikazuje lične priče, ali i teorijski objašnjava i razvrstava činioce ekstremizma. Proces je bio radioničarskog tipa, u kojem smo radili sa mladima iz raznih sredina i to iskustvo preneli u samu predstavu. Cilj predstave je da mlade upozna sa svim oblicima tog problema, da im pokaže da prvi korak u prihvatanju drugačijeg je osvešćivanje sopstvenih stereotipa i predrasuda, koji neminovno postoje u čoveku.

This theater play is about extremism, what is it, how it arises, what leads to it, what are its consequences, how much is it present in all of us, and can we imagine a world in which hatred for diversity will not be so present. Such a topic is sensitive in today's society, and our soil has been, and will always be, convenient for the occurrence of new extremisms. That's why the play shows personal stories, but also explains and classifies the factors of extremism theoretically. The process was done through workshops, in which we worked with young people from different backgrounds and transferred this experience into the play itself. The aim of the play is to introduce young people to all forms of this problem, to show them that being aware of their own stereotypes and prejudices, which inevitably exists in person, is the first step in accepting the one who is different.

Young actors Dejan Maksimović, Ema Muratović, Jelena Simić and Rade Maričić, discuss in front of the audience about the types of extremism and causes that lead to it, citing personal examples from life, as well as examples that we all know. Trying to touch on all types of extreme behavior throughout the show, the actors look back at those who are “on the other side”, people who are lulled in their lives or those who are overwhelmed with mere survival, and people who do not even understand what is happening around them and what their role is in all of this.

Dejan Maksimović, a young actor, made his impressions of the work: “Apart from being my first professional role, this was a completely new process and a new type of theater with which I met. The very aesthetics of the play was the opposite of what I was used to. The process was a long, interactive workshop type, we worked with high school students in Novi Sad and we had open rehearsals and workshops in three towns in the south of Serbia, which meant a lot to us as a feedback from the audience. “

Although before working on this play he thought he knew a lot about extremism, he says that during the process he learned a lot: “During my work I realized how wide the topic is and how difficult it is to define, to map and to determine. That might be the major part of our process, to perceive extremism from many sides, to see the victim, to see the extremist, to find the reasons why someone becomes an extremist and split it into these three main groups of political, religious and ethnic.”

In the following year, there will be more performances of “How to explain this to my son?” at the Youth Theater, as well as the premiere in Belgrade

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