PRONI Brčko continues with the successful implementation of activities within the YMI project!

April 4, 2022 News

PRONI from Brčko, a partner organization of CARE International and Perpetuum Mobile, continued to establish and strengthen partnership cooperation in the implementation of the “Young Men Initiative”.

This time, one of the successful activities is related to the establishment of a counseling and Be a Men office in the Technical School Brcko. PRONI held meetings with the management of the P Technical School and the President of the Association of Psychologists of the Brčko District, Natasa Jovanović – which will provide professional assistance to students at the Technical School in the coming period.

Also, PRONI signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the International University of Brcko. From now on, students will be able to do an internship through the implementation of educational workshops within the project “Young Men Initiative”. In addition, Program Y, which we use as a comprehensive manual for conducting educational workshops, will be available to students as a resource for the preparation of graduate and master’s theses.

The program is supported by Austrian Development Agency Development Agency, through project “Future for You(th): Young people as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans”; Swiss Development Cooperation through project “Young Men Initiative (YMI): Promoting Healthier Lifestyles and Decrease of Interpersonal Violence among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes Phase III”; and Oak Foundation and CARE Germany for the project “Young People as Future Leaders for Promotion of Life Skills (YMI III)”.

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